Each year in January/February the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Harris County Water Control and Improvement District No. 110 (the “District”) must approve a resolution that sets the tax exemptions to be granted by the District for the upcoming tax year. The District has for many years granted the maximum residential homestead exemption allowed by law (20%) and will continue to grant such exemption for the 2016 tax year.

In addition, the Board has voted to increase the over-65/disabled person exemption from $60,000 to $100,000 for the 2016 tax year (no person may claim both exemptions, but a person qualifying for both may choose the exemption that he wishes to have applied to his property).

In order to qualify for any of these exemptions, you must complete the appropriate forms and submit them to the Harris County Appraisal District (“HCAD”). You may visit HCAD’s website (www.hcad.org) in order to download the appropriate forms.

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