New Constable Office In WCID110?

Just want to make the residents aware of something pretty big that the WCID110 Water Board has been working on.

We have had a small constable office next to the sewer plant that has grown to 8 full-time constables that are contracted by the Water District. Another 5 work off-duty about 35 hours per week for added security in Forest Oaks Park and making rounds through the District to check on the water plants, lift stations, drive the neighborhood streets, etc.

The Water Board has been bombarding the Constable with requests to add a larger satellite office inside WCID110 with more constables for years. As of about a month ago, there were plans put into motion that may be bringing this life. All of the details cannot yet be released because the attorneys are still negotiating, but some have been disclosed during the open Water Board meetings.

Between Home Depot and Lowes, in front of Firestone is a large track of land currently used as detention. WCID110 would like to aquire the detention area, dig it deeper on the end behind the Meadow Edge building (where Leslies & Sprint are located), fill in the area nearest Holzwarth Road and build a 2400 to 3000 sqft constable building on the site.

Precinct 4 Constables are expanding and were looking at Westfield and in the WCID110 area. If we can make this happen, the constables would rather be in WCID110. Currently and after some negotiation, Lowes has agreed to deed over (for free) the retention area to WCID110. This property will be worth about $1.2M after being redeveloped. Once the contracts are approved and secured, plans are drawn up and approved by the county, we can begin the building project. Once completed, the constables office will initially move in about 40 deputies to be housed in and and out of that office with future plans of increasing those numbers to about 75 or 80 deputies. That puts 40 to 80 more deputies rolling through WCID110 commercial and residential areas on a DAILY basis! They will be deputies on contracts other than just WCID110, but they will be visible and available for immediate response in our District.

How bad is the satellite office needed? In just 2016, Home Depot has reported 1.2 MILLION DOLLARS in inventory loss! YES, in one year, $1.2M in product walked out of Home Depot. We are still trying to get the numbers from Lowes, Target, Best Buy, etc. 40 to 80 new deputies RIGHT in front of these areas will be a HUGE, UUGHE, deterant for this problem. Ideally, the residential areas and other commercial businesses within WCID110 will also benefit GREATLY!

By the way, resident MUD taxes are still being reduced and the District is paying for this with cash reserves and our regular income due to the SPA (Strategic Planning Agreement) and without selling more bonds. Cash reserves and income are also currently defeasing our current bonds early and saving taxpayers a lot of money over the next several years.


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