April 2017 WCID110 Town Hall


About 85 people attend the WCID110 town hall meeting tonight from a variety of the 8 WCID110 HOA's.

The meeting ran extremely orderly and respectful, and even though there were a couple passionate questions (which were received very well and also appreciated), the meeting lasted until every single person that wanted to speak were able to speak, and every single question was addressed.

Many questions and concerns were answered by either the Water Board, District consultants or Hendricks LLC. There may be a few that had concerns that were just out of the legal scope and responsibility of the Water Board (these items may have been the responsibility of other organizations like Harris County Flood Control, Harris County roads department, and the North Harris Regional Water Authority), but many had questions and concerns that were able to be addressed by the Water Board.

The Water Board is very appreciative of all who took the time to attend the meeting and also felt that it was so productive that they have decided to conduct at least 2 town hall meetings annually, outside of the regular Water Board meetings. We will be scheduling the next town hall meeting for sometime in October and will post the dates and times as soon as they set.

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