Additional Constables Approved

Harris County WCID110 Board of Directors voted to approve the hiring of 2 additional Precinct 4 Constables at the monthly meeting last night (June 14th).

Currently WCID110 contracts 8 deputies for the District with the 7th and 8th deputies just added near the end of 2016. LT Beck reported that our deputies have been extremely busy and have seen an increase in crime around the WCID110 commercial and residential areas. After the report, LT Beck petitioned and requested for more help from the Board due to the increased issues. The Board promptly acted and voted 5 of 5 to add 2 additional deputies bringing the total to 10 deputies contracted by the Water District.

The current contract for 8 deputies cost the Water District about $563,231.00 annually. The additional 2 deputies will cost $134,00.00 which brings the grand total to $697,231.00 annual.

The District also hires an off duty officer to drive the park and facilities an additional 35 to 40 hours per week.

Contract negotiations are currently underway with Lowes for the District to acquire property between Lowes and Home Depot to start construction on a brand new satellite constable office. Constable Herman is making plans to initially assign 40 to 60 deputies to the new location. Although the additional deputies will not be directly hired and working for WCID110, the numerous addition in police presence will decrease response time for District calls and add a lot more police presence directly within the Water District.

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