WCID110 Debris Removal

From Water Board Director Jerry:

We will start debris pickup at the south end of Enchanted Oaks drive at Acorn Tree Friday morning early.

We need ALL vehicles off the street so we can get the equipment in there and do it as quick as possible. We will come in from the south, move north and clear Acorn Tree, then the next street, etc., We will need room for an 18 wheel dump truck and a large excavator. That means both sides of the street need to be open so the truck can get beside the loading machine.

We will have licensed tow trucks standing by to move vehicles a few feet away to get the stuff loaded and then move them back to where they were. We will also have a constable present to keep down misunderstandings. So if a person does not want their vehicle moved, we won't move it but that yard being blocked may not get picked up. We will NOT come back for that yard. We do not have time for that.

The second company, Houston Demolition, will begin at the gated community at the south end of Joanleigh and work their way in. We need the same cooperation there to keep the street clear. They will be using a truck mounted grappler and laborers.

The third company will be starting tomorrow, Thursday in the gated community to the west, I think it is Lakes of Cypress Forest. They will come in and offload dumpsters and fill them using skid steers with grapplers. They will have several machines working and several trucks and dumpsters being loaded and moved. Exact same need for clear streets.

We have all been on a big 'downer' for a few days so now we can start to rebuild. If all goes well we will be completed in less than 10 days. NO, your yard will not look like a "Yard of the Month' winner, when we move to the next house, but we will get as much as we can!

I think the loading machines will be doing a great amount of sorting, so they will be pulling stuff out and locating it a few feet away, so they can take the same materials to the dump and then come back and get the other materials. It might take several trips to get a street done, so bear with us!

If you do not want our companies to pick up your debris for whatever reason, please let the operator of the loading machine know.

One last thing! It is exceptionally dangerous around these machines, keep your children, pets, and yourselves a respectable distance away! The operator cannot see behind him! Do NOT go walking up behind the machine it might get you injured!

Thanks again for all the cooperation and just know we are on the upswing now. Lots of work still to be done but we will get there.

Jerry Strickland