Gym & Tennis Update


Okay, folks, we are REALLY working hard to get the club & facility back together and safe enough for members to start using the gym and tennis courts again.

The CURRENT plan is to reopen the Tennis Courts & the Gym on Wednesday about NOON.

If everything goes well, we will turn member access cards back on at NOON on Wednesday, October 25th.

PLEASE keep in mind a couple things:

1. We are NOT back to 100% yet, so please bear with us while we continue working while you are using the facility 7AM to 6 or 7PM. Contractors and staff will not be totally out of your way and may not be very quiet while working. Please do NOT fuss at, harass, or hinder them from doing their job and repairs or you may be asked to leave the facility.

2. Windscreens are currently on order for the tennis courts. When they arrive, they will all be replaced.

3. The ice machine is currently DOWN. Tennis players will need to plan accordingly and bring ice and water if needed while using the club. We SHOULD have the ice machine back in operation in the next couple weeks.

4. The gym is LOADED with MOST of the new equipment. We are still waiting on the free weight tree, the chest press machine, medicine balls, gym mats and a couple accessories.

There are now ONLY TWO TV's in the gym. We will NOT be replacing the 2 that were removed and there will NOT be a remote in the gym. The TV's will be put on 2 different stations WITHOUT volume (1 news & 1 sports). If you want to listen to them, you will need to use the TUNITY program on your smartphone with earbuds, or bring your own pad and earbuds while working out (sorry, but we have just had WAY too many complaints about the gym TV's, stations they were on, volume, and people keeping and leaving with the remotes. TV and music will be the responsibility of the individual member from now on).

5. Everything in the gym is new and is all updated 2017/2018 models on the equipment. The treadmills, ellipticals, and spin bike are an upgraded model.

6. We added 2 new Precor AMT machines too. Look them up if you have no idea what they are. They will take the place of 2 of the ellipticals and the stair climber (don't worry, you will NOT be disappointed).

7. The tennis bathrooms will be closed in the near future for gutting and remodeling as will the patio area outside the pool area at the top of the stairs. This will be a messy and long process, but we will give notice before we start.

8. We will ONLY be open to CURRENT members and do NOT yet have the ability to sign up new members, nor replace lost or broken access cards for current members. We are at least 2 or 3 weeks away from being ready.

9. The clubhouse is still CLOSED for rentals, as is the main office. We have the girls there at the facility from about 8AM to 4 or 5PM, Monday thru Friday only right now. We do not anticipate being able to do anything with ID cards or new membership until December 1st.