Residential Building Permits Required

Harris County 'Permits' required!

If you flooded, a 'rebuild permit is REQUIRED if you want flood insurance. A Permit for a fence is required in a flood zone. Any structural changes require a permit. Any addition to the property requires a permit. A 'demolition' of a building does not require a Harris County permit but DOES require a Water District inspection and possibly a permit. The Water District requires an inspection in order to ensure the water and sewer are properly capped and no damage is incurred on the district lines. Some Mobile homes have been brought in and they may REQUIRE a Harris County permit! A mobile home in WCID110 connected to the water and sewer system may require an application and inspection and may or may not be allowed!

"Residential permits apply to any development that occurs on private property and not for commercial use. Examples would include: mobile homes; additions to existing homes; swimming pools; porches; private paving; garages; new home construction; patios; and, any structural repair.

Permits are not required under the following situations: routine maintenance and repairs to existing structure; residential accessory buildings or structures not located in A or V Zones with floor areas of less than one hundred fifty (150) square feet; and other insignificant activities including the temporary storage of equipment or materials in the "X" Zones. Fences or fence-type walls located outside of any Flood Plain do not require permitting."

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