Police Dispatch & Vacation Watch Request

The "VACATION WATCH REQUEST" on the WCID110 website has been updated along with corrections made by the Constables office in their system. See the attached link, and scroll to the bottom, then click the vacation watch request button. Once on the Constable vacation watch page, in the top line (Contract Name), scroll down to & click on "Harris County Water District No. 110", then continue the form.



Along with the Vacation Watch being corrected, the constables are verifying that ALL of the LOCF streets are in the dispatch system AND attached to the WCID110 Contract Area.

If at any time you need to call 911 or the non-emergency dispatch line, once you give them your address, ALSO tell them that you are in the Harris County WCID110 contract (Harris County Water District #110). This will ensure a faster response time from our own contract constable deputies instead of waiting on sheriff deputies.

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