Loss of A Director

Texas H. Stevens, 93, passed away today, Sunday, March 10, at about 12:30 pm. "Tex" was a community leader in Enchanted Oaks serving as President, and other leadership roles in the Enchanted Oaks Homeowners Association. He also served for more than 28 years as a Water Board Director for WCID110, lately in the role of Secretary, ensuring minutes were correct. Tex created and wrote the ‘potpourri’ on the water bills for many years inputting his "sage" advice and humor.

"Tex" was a valued member of our community and was instrumental in the planning and implementation of Water District recreational facilities, parks, fitness center and other amenities. His contributions were many and valued. When he spoke everyone listened! All of us will always remember him for his smile, his candor, his love of fellow man, and his innate goodness.

He will be sorely missed!

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