We need your thoughts and comments on the effort to develop the Buffalo Bayou and Tributaries Resiliency Study. Unfortunately, not much attention is being given to Cypress Creek, BUT WE HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO BRING ATTENTION TO CYPRESS CREEK!

The Army Corps of Engineers NEEDS our thoughts (even if you didn't flood), comments and pictures regarding the Cypress Creek watershed issues. Any detailed information we can provide them to pinpoint problematic flooding locations along our creek or simply to explain that attention needs to be given to Cypress Creek watershed issues are extremely helpful.

Need anyone and everyone directly or indirectly affected by Harvey & previous Memorial Day floods due to issues with Cypress Creek to fill out this form:

THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT OUR COMMENTS to IS MAY 31ST. WCID110 this is our opportunity to let our voices be heard!

Visit their site to view the presentation for the Buffalo Bayou and Tributaries Resiliency Study Update at:

The MORE they hear from us, the more likely to address our issues here in WCID110.

BTW, if you are filling out a comment sheet, the WCID110 Main Office will be happy to scan and email them for you!!

The more letters we can get, the better!!