WCID110 Flood Update

‼️‼️FLOODING UPDATES IN WCID110 ‼️‼️ • 45 South Feeder rd from Louetta to Cypress Oaks: Middle and Right Lanes Flooded • Cypress Oaks Entrance from 45: Completely flooded and stalled Chevy car • Cypress Oaks Dr: Taking on lots of sand • Enchanted Oaks @ Cypress Oaks – Flooded, Passable with trucks, not recommended for small cars • Hendricks Property Driveway parking lot – OK • Forest Oaks Park: Drive in entrance is flooded, walk in entrance, flooded ‼️Joanleigh @ Magic Oaks to Club – FLOODED, Not passable for cars and stock trucks‼️ • Joanleigh @ Cypress Oaks: Entrance of Cypress Lakes: Passable • Tennis Parking Lot: Flooded 6-10”, water about to be on courts • Joanleigh: Infront of water tower is flooded, passable with trucks, not small cars • Joanleigh: Infront of Lemm Elementary is flooded – Almost not passable, stay clear for now • Joanleigh @ Weeping Oaks: completely flooded – not passable •Joanleigh from Enchanted Trail to Cypresswood is CLEAR • Enchanted Trail: Minor street flooding • Enchanted Stream: Minor street flooding between Magic Oaks and Enchanted River – Passable with trucks, small vehicles not recommended • Weeping Oaks to back of Park: Flooded •Parts of Leaflet, Enchanted Stream, and Joanleigh is flooded, trucks can get by but not small cars • Cypresswood from Lakes of Cypress Forest and Hickory Twig: CLEAR • Cypresswood @ Enchanted Oaks infront of Water Plant 1: Passable for Trucks, • Not recommended for small vehicles • West Side Enchanted Oaks off of Cypresswood: Passable for trucks, not recommended for small vehicles • Enchanted Oaks between Enchanted Trail and Enchanted River: COMPLETELY FLOODED - 10" or more DO NOT TRY TO DRIVE THROUGH • Sanger Gully between Hickory Twig/Target and Enchanted Oaks: Flowing really good but almost to overflow • Magic Oaks @ Enchanted Oaks: Intersection is Clear • Tree Trunk Dr: Flooded for small vehicles • Enchanted Oaks from Magic Oaks to North Hill: not for small cars • North Hill: Clear to feeder • Acorn Tree: Clear • Acorn Tree to Cypress Oaks: Passable with trucks, small vehicles not recommended 

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