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Electronic Waste Recycling and Paper Shredding Event - Saturday, April 13 from 10a-noon

It is hard to believe it is already March and Spring Break is right around the corner for the Klein and Spring ISD schools. We have a lot happening at Forest Oaks and within WCID110, so we wanted to make sure everyone was aware of an upcoming annual event for electronic waste recycling and, new for this year, paper shredding. This event is intended for residents of WCID110.

The event is hosted by WCID110 and Best Trash and will take place at the Forest Oaks Maintenance Building located at 627 Cypress Oaks next to the Forest Oaks Park parking lot. This DOES NOT take place at the clubhouse or near the tennis courts (we have enough going on around there in April).

For the e-waste recycling, you will pull into the front drive of the Maintenance Building and pull forward towards the box truck, put your car in park, and we will have staff who can assist in unloading items. You do not need to park and carry for the e-waste event...just follow the large banners to get to the right spot and then follow staff instructions.

Electronic waste can be anything from old TV's to computer monitors, old cell phones, wires and cables, gaming consoles, keyboards, small kitchen appliances, old electric tools, empty toner cartridges, etc. The list of potential items is located on the event landing page. While most items are free to recycle, there is a cost for some older electronics like a tube TV ($25) or CRT monitors ($10). Those will have a cost and that can only be paid in cash to the recycling rep at the event.

Items NOT accepted at the e-waste event:

  • Light Bulbs

  • Major appliances

  • Paint or aerosol containers

  • Chemicals

  • Medical Waste

  • Hazardous Waste

New for this year is paper shredding. This will also be at the Maintenance Building, but in the side parking lot. You will have to park and carry items to the shredder. Before you come, make sure to REMOVE ALL METAL from the paper. That includes staples and paper clips or anything else that is metal. The metal could potentially start a fire with the heat generated from shredding. Items that have metal will not be allowed to be shredded and staff will not remove metal for you.

To see more info as well as a map of the layout for the event, go to the event landing page. There will be large banners up along Cypress Oaks and Joanleigh to get you to the correct location, so be on the lookout.


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