UNFORTUNATELY, EDP is pretty overwhelmed this evening and will be tomorrow as we thaw again.

MANY of you have leaking/broken pipes in garages, attics, walls, etc. You need to get the water turned off ASAP.

If you cannot find the main house shut-off valve or the break is before the main valve, you will have to shut it off at the meter box.

The WCID110 Water Board has given authorization for residents to shut off their own water or help a neighbor shut off their water at the meter box if they have or suspect they have leaks in the house, and If they cannot get EDP on the phone.

For immediate water shut-off, go to your meter box and turn the valve to the off position. In the on position, the valve handle looks like an "l", in the off position it will look like a "+" and the little circle holes will line up for locking. Most of the time, they turn 1/4 turn clockwise to shut.

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