Gym Open Monday

The gym WILL be open this Monday, May 18th for the first day of PHASE TWO (2) reopening. The gym is open 6AM-7PM, MON-SUN.

The MAXIMUM people allowed in the gym (CLUB MEMBERS ONLY) will be 8 people with a 1-hour limit each during PHASE TWO (2).

There are NO guests allowed in the gym during PHASE TWO (2).

BYO Sanitizer since we may not be able to keep sanitizer for the stations due to availability.

Gym towels are REQUIRED to be brought for access to the gym. We WILL have the gym wipe stations loaded and members are REQUIRED to wipe down equipment they use prior to and after use.

We have brand new WCID110 Logo gym/tennis towels available in the office for $7 each.

If you show ANY symptoms of COVID, FLU, etc. DO NOT COME TO THE FACILITY or you may be asked to leave.

Masks are HIGHLY recommended, but NOT mandatory at the facility. Social distancing should be observed at all times.

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