GOOD NEWS! Your HC 110 Directors and Langford Engineers are diligently working to reduce flooding within HC 110. HC 110 has adopted a two-prong approach: (1) steps that can be taken now to immediately reduce the risk of flooding; and (2) steps to facilitate long-term projects for additional flood abatement infrastructure. Your Directors have committed funds and have authorized HC 110 to partner with the Harris County Flood Control District (“HCFCD”), the United States Corp of Engineers (“USACE”), and the Texas Department of Transportation (“TxDOT)” on various projects.

Detention Pond - HC 110 and HCFCD are partnering to excavate, enlarge, and improve the current detention pond located behind the Fred Haas dealerships, which will provide additional volume to facilitate drainage and mitigate flooding. Construction is expected to begin later this year. Enchanted Stream - HC 110 is currently working with CenterPoint to relocate the utilities along Enchanted Stream just south of Cypresswood. It is anticipated that, after the utilities have been relocated, HC 110 will partner with HCFCD on a project which will improve drainage.

I-45 at Cypress Creek - Upon invitation from your HC 110 Directors, HCFCD Executive Deputy Director Matt Zeve attended HC 110 meetings on July 31 and August 28, 2019, to provide information, answer questions, and generally respond to residents’ flooding concerns. Since that time, additional information, drone footage, and photos have been provided by Langford Engineering to HCFCD. Progress is being made. At a public meeting held December 17, 2019, TxDOT and HCFCD confirmed that the I‑45 southbound frontage road bridge at Cypress Creek is scheduled for replacement in June 2021. This is excellent news! However, your HC 110 Directors and District Consultants have not stopped. Communications and meetings with HCFCD continue, most recently on Monday, February 2. HCFCD personnel have also met with Langford Engineering at the I-45 / Cypress Creek bridge for visual inspections. HCFCD and TxDOT are continuing to study the I-45/Cypress Creek bridge area and we hope to have more news to report in the near future.

USACE - In July 2019, four (4) Letters of Intent were provided to USACE by which HC 110 requested that the USACE conduct an investigation to determine an effective flood reduction project which could be completed within the boundaries of HC 110, and pledged up to $200,000 to match funds provided by USACE. At this time, HC 110 is still awaiting a response from the USACE.

Other Projects - Several other flood mitigation projects are currently under construction or have been recently completed which will reduce flooding within the boundaries of HC 110. Although HC 110 was not involved in the projects, your Directors want to provide accurate information regarding the current projects. Seals Gulley - HCFCD approved a channelization project for Seals Gulley and work has begun. The project begins on the south side of Cypresswood Drive and proceeds downstream approximately 1900 feet, and includes reconstruction of the side slopes and replacement of most of the backslope drains. Both east and west sides of the Gulley will be repaired. Hardy Toll Road at Cypress Creek ‑ Harris County Toll Road Authority completed channelization work on both sides of Cypress Creek underneath the Hardy Toll Road. The project included hard edge treatment on lower sections of the stream banks, new storm drain outfalls, and removal of sediment on both sides of Cypress Creek. The improvements have lowered the low-level flows about two (2) feet. Cypress Creek - HCFCD issued a maintenance contract for erosion and channelization repairs of the Cypress Creek main channel from the west side of Hardy Toll Road upstream approximately 4,000 feet. This project includes hard edge treatment on lower sections of stream banks, replacement of storm drain outfalls, correcting flowline issues, and removal of sedimentation on both side of Cypress Creek. Construction began in September 2019 and is anticipated to be complete end of 2020.

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