SERIOUS GYM REMINDER (Due to the pandemic issues & normal gym membership policy)!

We are doing our very best to keep the gym open without reducing gym hours any further or limiting numbers and adding time limits to continue to operate safely. HOWEVER, we need help from our members to continue.

The office has received NUMEROUS gym complaints over the last few days prompting us to have to review cameras about issues. Here are the items needing to be addressed:

1. TOWELS: Personal gym towels are MANDATORY in the gym (It is NOT an option to enter the gym without a towel). Bring your own or purchase one in the office! Gate staff will turn you away from the gym if you did not bring a towel with you.

2. WIPING EQUIPMENT: Wiping down EACH PIECE of equipment immediately after using and BEFORE transitioning to another piece (dumbbells, benches, machine pulls, handles, barbells, treadmill controls, etc) is CRITICAL & NOT an option! It is MANDATORY! Gym sanitary wipes are located in the FRONT, REAR and MIDDLE of the gym for this purpose. DO NOT go machine to machine, bench to bench, or equipment to equipment without wiping down each piece IMMEDIATELY after completion.

3. PROPER GYM ATTIRE: Proper gym attire is REQUIRED in the gym! You MUST have closed toe sneakers on at all times. Socks, bare feet, flip-flops, sandals, etc., are NOT ALLOWED in the gym. Shirts MUST be ON at all times. Shirtless in the gym is NOT ALLOWED!

4. MINORS: Policy is absolutely no kids under 12 years old allowed in the gym (with or without an adult). 12 & 13 MUST be under DIRECT adult supervision (someone 18 years old or older) to be in the gym at all times. 14 year old and older may come alone to the gym IF they follow gym policy and rules. Please ensure your kiddos are following rule #2 above (this is a bigger issue with our minors with and without parents present). Our LAST resort would be to raise the gym use age to 18 and older until after the pandemic is over.

5. DUMBBELLS & WEIGHTS: Dumbbells & weights MUST be reracked after use and wiping. Dumbbells must be returned to the rack, free weights must be returned to the trees, and bars returned to proper location.

6. GUESTS: Unfortunately due to very limited space in the gym and until we are past the pandemic, guests are NOT allowed in the gym. We must keep it to member use only.

We review cameras randomly and periodically 7 days a week and after ANY and ALL complaints. Failure to follow the rules above or those posted in the gym, or guidance from staff (including our lifeguards) are grounds for IMMEDIATE suspension of club membership. If your access card is not working, there is a reason (expired membership, a complaint, issue with the card, etc) and you MUST come to the office for replacement or reactivation.

The very LAST thing we want to do is close or limit use of the gym, or suspend someone's access & membership. Staff has been working very hard to help prevent this, but we must have help from the members too.

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