Temporary Gym Closure

It is with GREAT reservation and a lot of thought and consideration, but we think it is best to temporarily close the gym. The gym poses the MOST threat at our facility MEMBERS & STAFF for possibly spreading the virus while trying to keep it extra clean. The availability of sanitizers, protective gloves, etc. is also playing a part in the decision. We will close the Forest Oaks fitness center/gym on Monday at NOON. We will then clean and sanitize it thoroughly in preparation for reopening as soon as possible. For now, we will plan to REOPEN the gym on April 6th, 2020 unless the current situation dictates differently.

ALSO, with closing the gym, it will give us more staff and products available to continue to clean tennis and park bathrooms, park benches and playground (playground is a BIG one). And the time to catch up on other maintenance projects and repairs with less exposure to staff and members.

Forest (Jody)

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