Tennis courts are now open from 6AM to 7PM

Tennis courts are now open from 6AM to 7PM under the guidelines below.

Let me clarify a couple thing on the tennis reopening policy:

Riveria Tennis MAY conduct 1 on 1 or 1 on 3 instruction during Phase 1. This means we will allow 1-4 people per court, rather it is for individual play, individual instruction, or individual drills. Just DO NOT exceed 4 people per court please.

Classes and groups of more than 4 people may NOT restart until we enter Phase 2 of reopening.

Phase 1 is MEMBERS ONLY. NO GUEST (non-members) will be allowed in the facility during Phase 1 reopening (we must limit the facility numbers).

Phase 2 reopening will allow ONE guest per member. Phase 2 "should" start May 18th provide the Governor and CDC guidelines are going to allow it.

The BACK tennis gate will remain closed and LOCKED. Tennis players must use the lower front tennis gate or main gate so that we can monitor who is coming in and out of the facility.

Facility hours during Phase one and 2 will be 6AM to 7PM daily only.

Players must bring their own water bottles, the court coolers will not return to the courts until we are fully back open and clear of the COVID19 issue.

Club fees and dues will remain frozen until June 1st. Members are NOT being charged during the Phase 1 & 2 reopening.


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