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About Us

Harris County Water Control and Improvement District No. 110 (HCWCID110) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas governed by a Board of Directors. The District provides water and sewer services to its residents. HCWCID110 includes the subdivisions of Enchanted Oaks, Cypress Forest Lakes, Cypress Forest Estates, Cypress Estates, Lakes of Cypress Forest, Spring Park Village, Cypresswood Lake, and Kings Village. It also includes the commercial development along I-45 and Holzwarth and some commercial development along the eastside of I-45.


HCWCID110 also provides parks and recreational services, and owns and operates the Forest Oaks Swim and Racquet Club & Forest Oaks Park.


HCWCID110 is in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Houston and is subject to the continuing supervision of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).


Creation date: May 9, 1968

Total acreage: 1,293.3451 acres

Fiscal Year Ending: July 31st

Authorized bonds: $ 54,035,000

Issued bonds: $ 37,450,000

Outstanding Bonds: $15,465,000

Total Connections: 2464

2020 Tax Rate: $ 0.37 per $ 100 assessed valuation

2019 Tax Rate: $ 0.39 per $ 100 assessed valuation

2018 Tax Rate: $ 0.40 per $ 100 assessed valuation

2017 Tax Rate: $ 0.43 per $ 100 assessed valuation

2020 Certified Assessed Valuation: $ 902,092,801

2019 Certified Assessed Valuation: $ 889,347,316

2018 Certified Assessed Valuation: $ 834,607,875

2017 Certified Assessed Valuation: $ 835,362,222


2020/2021 Annual Budget Changes

Decrease in Budgeted Revenue: $ 1,470,625, a 20.84% decrease

Decrease in Budgeted Expenses: $ 1,592,886, a 23.66% decrease


 In Existence Since May 9th 1968 Harris County WCID #110 All Rights Reserved.

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