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Board of Directors

WCID110 Board of Directors
James Williams - 3.23.23.JPG

James Williams


Term: Expires 05/2023


Jeannie Perkins - 3.23.23.JPG

Jeannie Perkins

First Vice-President

Term: Expires 05/2025


Jerry Strickland -3.23.23.JPG

Jerry Strickland

Second Vice-President

Term: Expires 05/2023


Vanessa Sommer - 3.23.23.JPG

Vanessa Sommer


Term: Expires 05/2025


Tom Dowling - 3.23.23.JPG

Tom Dowdy

Board Treasurer

Term: Expires 05/2023


Our Staff

Brian Mills - 3.23.23.JPG

Brian Mills

District Manager

Shane Breyette - 3.23.23.JPG

Shane Breyette

Maintenance Manager

Denise Simples 3.23.23.JPG

Denise Simples

Office Manager

Carlee Nava-Schmidt - 3.23.23.JPG

Carlee Nava-Schmidt

Aquatics Manager

WCID110 / Forest Oaks Managers

Maintenance Staff

Reymundo Peralta - 3.23.23.JPG

Reymundo Peralta

Maintenance Foreman

Blaine Gilbert - 3.23.23.JPG

Blaine Gilbert

Contracts Representative

Branden Brown - 3.23.23.JPG

Branden Brown

Maintenance Staff

Mike Brooks CROPPED - 3.23.23.JPG

Michael Brooks

Maintenance Staff

Reggie MItchell CROPPED - 3.23.23.JPG

Reggie Mitchell

Facility Custodian

WCID110 / Forest Oaks Maintenance Staff
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