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Electronic Water Meters

All electronic water meters have been installed throughout the District.

It is important to know that the EyeOnWater app:

  • CANNOT be activated until your meter is installed. You must have your MOC account number when creating your account.

  • Is NOT an app created, nor administered by, MOC or WCID110. Any issues or troubleshooting with the app should be handled by the EyeOnWater customer service or online assistance. WCID110 employees and MOC staff cannot assist you in issues with the app.

  • Is NOT an app to allow you to pay your water bill or report leaks or issues to MOC. If you do detect leaks or have billing questions, you must contact MOC directly at 281-367-5511 or visit the MOC website.


Some of the features you can expect are:

  • Increased visibility through analytics; the system provides proactive intelligence for optimal utility management - faster leak detection, water conservation clarity, and easier data access for users.

  • Enhanced customer service: advanced user profile and anomaly trending, combined with a consumer engagement website and smartphone/table apps, allow the customer to gain greater understanding of consumption patterns and quickly resolve or prevent customer service related issues.

  • Customer customizable dashboards to deliver information in a format you want.

  • Customer ability to set unique alert conditions to define and monitor usage and exceptions.

  • Automatic software updates.

Using EyeOnWater

Powered by Badger Meter in association with your water utility, EyeOnWater lets you connect to supported water utility accounts to you see how much water you’re using and can even alert you to possible leaks on your property.

  • What you'll need to use EyeOnWater

  • Supported browsers

  • Smartphone apps

Watch this video for an overview of

Use the links below to learn more about using EyeOnWater.

EyeOnWater Logo
EyeOnWater Account for Desktops
EyeOnWater Account for SmartPhones

How To Videos

Help with Leaks

  • Reminder - Any leaks should be reported to MOC, not EyeOnWater

  • Contact MOC at 281-367-5511 to report leaks.

Resetting/Changing Passwords

EyeOnWater FAQ's

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