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Electronic Water Meters

In January 2023, the Board approved a pilot program of 15 residential homes to test a new electronic water meter system from Accurate Meter and Supply. The new meters were installed in February 2023 and those in the pilot program were provided information to download an app on their smartphone/tablet so they could monitor their water usage. The pilot program has been successful and the District will be moving to install new meters on all residential and commercial properties throughout the district. The installation will be done in phases over the period of approximately one year. As of September 2023, installation has begun of these meters and the below information on how to download the app and basics on setting up your account. When MOC installs the meter on your residence, they will hang a door tag on your front door with instructions on how to download the app and create your account so you can track your water usage.


Some of the features you can expect are:

  • increased visibility through analytics; the system provides proactive intelligence for optimal utility management - faster leak detection, water conservation clarity, and easier data access for users.

  • Enhanced customer service: advanced user profile and anomaly trending, combined with a consumer engagement website and smartphone/table apps, allow the customer to gain greater understanding of consumption patterns and quickly resolve or prevent customer service related issues.

  • Customer customizable dashboards to deliver information in a format you want.

  • Customer ability to set unique alert conditions to define and monitor usage and exceptions.

  • Automatic software updates.

You will not be able to set up your account until the new meter is installed. 

EyeOnWater App Graphic.jpg
EyeOnWater Sign Up Instructions_9.15.23.jpg
EyeOnWater Water Usage_9.15.23.jpg

Linking More Than One Account to Your EyeOnWater Account

  1. Log into

  2. Click the text that says Link More Accounts above the Consumption Graph on the right side of the screen.

  3. Enter the account number.

  4. Enter the service location zip/postal code.

  5. Click Next

  6. If the account displayed belongs to you, click Link Account.

  7. Repeat steps 2-6 as needed to link additional accounts.

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