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Bingo Nights at Forest Oaks

Join us at Forest Oaks Swim and Racquet Club in the clubhouse for monthly Bingo events. These events are open to all residents and their guests and are a great way to have some fun, engage with your neighbors, and win some gift cards to local businesses.

To participate in our Bingo events, all you have to do is:

  • Register online, over the phone, or in-person before the event.

  • Pay the $5 entry fee and purchase any additional game cards you may want throughout

         the event.

  • Show up and have a blast!

  • Our events are open to all ages and we love having families participate together!

Game cards:

  • All registered participants will get a new game card each game. 

  • Each game card has three boards and you play all three boards each game.

  • Additional cards are available for $1 each and you can use those at any time but they are only good for one game then they have to be thrown away.

To register:

  • Online registration: Click on the registration link next to the event you want to register for.

  • Over the phone: Call the Forest Oaks Admin Office at 281-353-0998 and speak to one of our manager.

  • In-Person: just show up before the start of the event and come to the admin office.

  • Payments for all registered participants is accepted in the Forest Oaks Admin office when you arrive and we accept cash, check, or card. There is a 3% fee added to all credit or debit card transactions.


  • Winners receive $10-$15 gift cards for each game we play.

  • If we have multiple winners on a game, all winners receive a gift card.

  • We always end the evening with the first winner of the last game getting a $50 Visa gift card.

    • If we have multiple winners on the final game, the first person to call Bingo and be verified as the winner gets the $50 gift card and any additional winners get their choice of $10-$15 gift cards.​


  • If you are an active member of the Forest Oaks Swim and Racquet Club and have your parking tags, you can park in the upper parking lots.

  • If you are not an active member, you need to park in the lower tennis parking lots and walk to the clubhouse. Vehicles parked in the upper lots without a parking tag are at risk of being ticketed or towed.

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