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Forest Oaks Playground is

Forest Oaks Park Playground Replacement Project

After 15 years of service, it is time to say goodbye to our current playground and say hello to new and improved equipment and safety decking. The current playground system has lasted through countless hours of fun and games as well as a number of significant weather events and has been a staple of our great park. But like all things, it’s time has come to an end and we welcome new play structures, swings, and safety decking with improved drainage and a little bit more shade!!!

Scope of the Project

The project will include the following:

  • Demo and removal of all current equipment and rubberized safety decking.

  • Redesign of playground footprint which will be entirely covered in rubberized safety decking.

  • New 2-5 year old unit with 10 play activities and one large shade structure.

  • New 5-12 year old unit with 26 play activities including 7 slides and three shade structures.

  • CHANGE: We had to reduce our planned 4-bay swing set with a 3-bay instead due to lack of space for required safety zones. New three-bay swing set with three (3) new belt swings, one (1) ADA swings, and two (2) toddler buckets.

  • Repurposing of the log structure.

  • Relocation of current 2-5 year old unit to a different park location.

  • Improved drainage around playground area.

Project Schedule (TENTATIVE)

  • Wednesday, February 7: Playground closure and demo of current playground equipment and safety decking. Safety fencing will be installed around the site, so please stay out of the area.

  • Monday, February 19: Site prep, delivery, install new French drain system, and install of new equipment.

  • Wednesday, February 28: Install of new concrete curb, crushed stone sub base, and new pour-in-place rubberized safety decking. Needs multiple days to cure properly

  • Friday, March 8: Soft opening of playground pending final inspection and approval.

  • Grand reopening of playground: Saturday, March 23 during Easter Egg Hunt event at beginning of the event

Where are other parks and playgrounds in the area?

We are very lucky to be in Harris County, and specifically in Precinct 3, because

we have several county parks in the area that are available for use. To see those

other parks and plan your outdoor time, click on the Precinct 3 logo and

you will go to the parks information page of Precinct 3 website.

Tom Ramsey Precinct 3 Logo

Project Updates

  • January 30: Contracts have been signed and we will receive timeline from Playground Boss by Monday, Feb. 5. Once we receive the timeline, we will schedule demo of the current playground.

  • February 1: We have received our tentative timeline for the start and completion of this replacement. The dates listed above are all weather permitting and could take longer if weather does not cooperate.

  • February 7: all old equipment has been removed along with the safety decking. We will start to break up the concrete base on Thursday and Friday this week and remove it.

  • February 15: the site is being leveled to 7" below the surface so the new equipment can be installed then new compact stone and pour-in-place. We are on schedule and Playground Boss will be on site starting Monday, Feb. 19 to start construction of the new equipment.

  • February 20: Playground Boss installers are on site and working on install of the equipment. Once the equipment is installed, then they will do the concrete curb, stone base, and then the pour-in-place safety decking. Still two full weeks from completion, so don't get too excited about seeing new equipment up.

  • February 23: Playground install team has the swing set frame up as well as part of the 2-5 year old unit up. Unfortunately on the swing set, we had to make a change and instead of a new 4-bay swing set, we will have a 3-bay due to required safety zones on the sides of the swing set. We were ~10' short of the requirement and decided we did not want to cut down a large, healthy oak tree next to the playground.

  • March 4: Playground pour-in-place has been installed over the weekend and needs through 3/5 to fully cure. Playground Boss is finalizing some components of the 5-12 year old piece and replacing a belt swing with a toddler bucket, but we are close to complete.

  • March 6: WCID110 Maintenance staff have moved the giant dirt pile and are working on the outside edge of the concrete curb today and once we have that where we need it, we will be ready to make the playground playable!!!

  • March 6 at 3:30 p.m.: THE PLAYGROUND IS OPEN FOR PLAY!!!!

Out with the Old

In with the New

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