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Fitness Center

The Forest Oaks Swim & Racquet Club fitness center is included in membership of the club. Fitness Center hours are from 4:30AM to 10:30PM, 7 days a week. 

Use of the Fitness Center is limited to Club Members and their paid non-member guests. Any member wanting to bring a guest must purchase a Guest Pass from the Forest Oaks Admin Office during normal business hours prior to the guest accessing the Fitness Center.


Club Members and their guests will be expected to behave themselves in accordance with these Fitness Center Rules and Regulations. Anyone disobeying these Fitness Center Rules and Regulations, or endangering the safety of other people will be asked leave the Fitness Center. Repeated violations will result in the revocation of Club Facility privileges.​​

Required Apparel in the Fitness Center

Reminder that this is a family-friendly facility and apparel should be appropriate for this environment. Upper body Patrons must wear a shirt. It is still highly encouraged for patrons to wipe down equipment BEFORE use to minimize exposure to potential bodily fluids from other individuals. Lower body Clothing must cover the entire buttocks and groin when exercising or moving. To use fitness equipment with seats or pads, apparel must be made of athletic material so as to not scratch or damage padding or equipment or become snagged or catch on equipment. Footwear Athletic, non-marking, close-toed shoes. Shoes must be worn at all times within the Fitness Center. Prohibited Apparel in the Fitness Center Upper body Shirtless Sports bra only Bathing suit/Bikini top Lower Body Bikini bottoms or swim apparel (sarong). Denim/jean materials, khakis, and loose-fitting dresses. Pants or shorts with belts, studs, buttons, rivets, zippers can tear the padding on fitness equipment. Once the padding is scratched or torn, bacteria can grow within the padding, posing a potential health risk to patrons. It is also costly to frequently replace padding and sleeves on fitness equipment. Footwear Cleats, sandals, flip-flops, Crocs, sticky feet, high heels and hard-soled shoes. Any shoe that does not cover the entire foot securely. Removing shoes is not allowed.

Patron General Usage Policies for the Fitness Center

•Use your access card to enter the Fitness Center. •Keep access and ID cards available and provide when asked by Club staff. They can be left with personal belongings in the cubbies located near the entrance to the Fitness Center. •Personal items such as backpacks, bags, clothes, etc. should be stored in the cubbies at the front of the Fitness Center or be placed well out of the way of walking areas and clear of any equipment. Do not leave items near treadmill belts or in walk ways. •Individuals should bring a workout towel and use it throughout their workout. •Only water or sports drinks are allowed. All drinks should be in a plastic, resealable/closable bottle •Members and guests are encouraged to wipe down equipment before use and expected to wipe down equipment after use. Gym wipes are available in multiple wipe dispensers in the Fitness Center. •All equipment should be used as intended and shown on the manufacturer instructions posted on equipment. •Rerack weights after use in the correct location. •Return equipment after use to its correct location (handles, grips, stability balls, etc.). •Headphones should be used for all personal music. •All weight training should be performed in a controlled and safe manner. •Slamming weights is not allowed unless it due to bailing on a lift or continuing a lift could cause a potential injury. •Be aware of your surroundings and other patrons in the space. •Prohibited Actions/Items in the Fitness Center •Failing or refusing to provide access or member ID when requested by Club staff. •Bringing unpaid guests into the facility. •Propping open doors to fitness center or opening the door for others who have not scanned to access the fitness center. •Using emergency exit to exit the facility unless there is an actual emergency. •Smoking, vaping or use of any other tobacco product. •Glass containers or non-resealable containers for drinks. •Use of amplified sound by a phone or speaker. •Having personal conversations on phone using the speaker function. •Extraneous grunting, growling, or yelling while performing lifts. •Using multiple pieces of or hoarding equipment and not allowing others to use that equipment or those items. •Using weights or other fitness equipment while on cardio equipment. •Having an infant in a chest or back carrying device while working out on cardio or strength equipment. •Removing weights or equipment from the Fitness Center. •Using fitness equipment in ways it was not designed or intended. •Conducting or providing paid or unpaid personal training services.

Age Specific Access for Fitness Center

•These age specific access policies apply to both members and guests. •Minors 15-17 years old may be in the Fitness Center without a parent, legal guardian, or adult guardian. •Minors 12-14 years old may be in the Fitness Center with a parent, legal guardian, or adult guardian and must be actively supervised at all times. They can use fitness equipment only if directly supervised. The adult must be immediately in the area and focused on the minor, not working out on another piece of equipment. •Minors 11 and under are not allowed in the Fitness Center for any reason at any time.

Personal Training Services

•Personal training services are prohibited from being performed in Forest Oaks Fitness Center by any individual. •If a personal trainer is interested in utilizing our Fitness Center, they must meet with the District Manager and provide all certifications, insurance policies, and submit to a background check. •Working out with a friend/family member and providing basic information is NOT considered personal training.

Fitness Center Equipment

  • Cardio Equipment

    • Precor Recumbent Bike x1​

    • Precor Stationary Bike x1

    • Spin Bike x1

    • Precor AMT Machine x2

    • Precor Ellipticals x 2

    • Precor Treadmills x3

    • Concept 2 Rower

Fitness Center Equipment

  • Pin-select Equipment

    • Precor Leg Extension​

    • Precor Seated Leg Curl

    • Precor Inner/Outer Thigh

    • Precor Multi-Press Machine

    • Precor Chest Press

    • Precor Fly Machine

    • Precor Lat Pulldown / Seated Row Machine

    • Precor Dual Cable Crossover with pull-up bar

Fitness Center Equipment

  • Plate Loaded Equipment

    • Precor Leg Press​

    • Precor Smith Machine

    • Standing Row

    • Seated calf raise

  • Free Weights and Benches​

    • Dumbbells 5 - 50 lbs​

    • EZ Curl Bars 20 - 110 lbs

    • Trap bar

    • Multi-grip bar

    • Straight Bar

    • EZ Curl Bar

    • Adjustable bench

    • Preacher Curl bench

    • Military Press bench

    • Decline bench

  • Assorted equipment

    • Stability balls​

    • Ab assist machine

    • Precor Stretch Trainer

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