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Forest Oaks Pool

The Forest Oaks Swim & Racquet Club pool is included in membership of the club. The Forest Oaks pool has six lap lanes and a deep well with a climbing wall. At least one lap lane is available during normal operating hours. There is ample seating at tables and lounge chairs around the deck area. There are convenient bathrooms and a bottle fill station available for patrons. ​​

Pool Hours for All Members

  • The pool is closed for the season.

  • Only Adult Swim hours are available and those will end in October based on weather conditions.

Pool Hours for Adult Swim Only

  • Adult Swim Hours

    • Mondays: Closed for Maintenance

    • Tuesdays - Fridays: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

    • Weekends: No adult swim only hours

  • End of Season for Ault Swim

    • We will determine the closure of the pool in October.​

    • Closure of the pool depends on weather, water temperature, and usage.

Rock Wall is no longer with will be missed!

Forest Oaks Pool Policies and Rules

Use of Forest Oaks Pool

•Use of the Forest Oaks pool is limited to club members in good standing, their paid non-member guests, and authorized swim team(s) for practice and meets. •Organized group usage of the pool is not allowed and should follow rental procedures to secure space. oExample: swim club, organized practice, birthday party, etc. •All members must scan their Access ID card to access the pool gates, provide access and ID cards to lifeguard staff when entering, and pay for any non-member guests before entering the water. Failure to have or provide access card(s), member card(s), or guest passes will result in your inability to use the pool. •All seating on the pool deck and around the pool house is first come, first serve. •Lounge chairs may be moved by patrons as needed but may not be placed in the water, right along the edge of the water, or in any location that causes a congestion of pool patrons or staff. •Operations of the pool are managed on a day-to-day basis by the Aquatics Manager and District Manager. All decisions made by either are final.

Adult Swim Only

•Lifeguards are not present during adult swim times. Swim at your own risk. •Adult swim is available starting in mid/late April or early May depending on weather conditions and water temperature. •Adult swim continues through the summer months but is adjusted around the Forest Oaks Swim Team schedule. •Adult swim will continue after Labor Day until mid-October and the exact end date will be determined based on weather conditions and water temperature. •Weather / Water conditions for Adult Swim to start oWater temperature must be 70 degrees or warmer AND oForecast must project outdoor temperature is above 75 degrees for three (3) consecutive days. •Weather / Water Conditions for Adult Swim to close oWater temperature must be 70 degrees or warmer AND oOutdoor temperature is below 75 degrees for three (3) consecutive days. •Adult members must scan their access card to enter the facility gate and then scan it again to access the pool gate(s). Failure to have your access card will result in your inability to access the pool. •Members in the pool area are not allowed to open gates for others who do not have their access card. •Access cards can be requested at any time by Forest Oaks staff or security officers. •Adults may not bring children of any age with them during adult swim time.

Proper Swim Attire

Forest Oaks Pool is a family-friendly facility and patrons are expected to wear appropriate swim apparel and clothing at all times. Any questionable swim attire will be addressed by Forest Oaks lifeguards and the ultimate decision will be made by the Life Guards on duty. Proper swim attire is required because: •Street clothes (especially cotton) can transport airborne and ultimately water borne contaminants into the pool. •Lycra and nylon are the best non-absorbent material for swimming and the best fabrics for proper swim attire. oOther absorbent materials such as cotton can break down in the water and cause fibers to clog filters. oAny “colored” material, unless specifically made for swimming, can bleed into the pool, effecting water chemistry and balance. •Cotton and similar materials can absorb the chemicals in the water, causing the water to become less effective at maintaining the proper chemical balance or may cloud the water.

Approved Swim Attire

•Must have an interior liner. •Women’s one and two-piece bathing suits •Men’s Jammers or Speedo-style suits •Board Shorts (no grommets allowed) •Rash Guards •Religious swimwear (Ex. Burkini) •Swim shirt made of material designed for use in the water. •Swim diapers •Sunglasses •Hats/visors •Swim shoes

Not Approved Swim Attire

•Any shorts that do not have a liner. •All examples provided are not an exhaustive list and Life Guards have final approval or denial of swimwear. •Bathing suits that do not have proper coverage (Examples: thong and cheeky bottoms) •Athletic shorts and pants (Examples: running shorts, basketball shorts, volleyball shorts, yoga pants or shorts, etc.) •Undergarments (Examples: sports bras, underwear, compression shorts, boxers, briefs, etc.) •Clothing with grommets (Examples: denim, khaki shorts or pants, etc.) •Cotton Shirts (Examples: t-shirts, tank tops, etc.)

Pool Rules

•Access Requirements oMembers must use their Access Card and must show access card and/or ID Cards to lifeguard staff upon arrival. oPool gates must remain closed at all times and are not allowed to be propped open. oMembers and guests are prohibited from holding the gate open for others. oDo not swim if you have been ill with diarrhea within the past two (2) weeks. •Age Requirements oChildren under the age of 14 must not be in the pool without adult supervision. oChildren 11 and under are required to take a swim test. See Child Safety Policies for specifics. •Swimwear oProper swim attire is required and must be appropriate for a “family-friendly” environment. oChanging clothing on deck is prohibited. Please use the bathrooms located outside the pool gates. oInfants and toddlers in diapers must wear leak-proof rubber swim pants or swim diapers. oChanging diapers within six feet (6’) of the pool edge is not allowed. Please use the bathrooms outside the pool gates. •Flotation Device oAll personal flotation devices must be U.S Coast Guard approved Type III. oApproved floatation devices are available to check-out through lifeguard staff. oNon-swimmers are encouraged to use life jackets. oWater wings are prohibited. oChildren wearing flotation devices must be within arm’s reach of their parent, legal guardian, or adult guardian at all times while in the water. That adult must be physically in the water and not sitting on the edge of the pool and the adult’s attention must be on the child at all times. •Prohibited Actions oRunning, dunking, pushing, shoving, and any other horseplay is not allowed inside the pool gates. oHanging on the pool lap lines; oFlips and somersaults are not allowed from the side of the pool; oDiving is not allowed in the shallow water and is marked by “No Diving” signs; oFake drowning; oExtended breath holding activities are dangerous and prohibited; oPersons with bandages, open wounds/blisters/sores/etc. or breaks of any type in the skin are prohibited from entering the pool. •Prohibited Items oFood and drinks are not allowed to be consumed within six (6) feet of the pool. oGum is not allowed inside the pool gate. oGlass containers are not allowed inside the pool area. oSmoking is not allowed inside Forest Oaks gates. Tobacco free water vapor products may be used in the pool area but we ask that you be considerate and aware of your surroundings and the presence of minors.

Rockwall Rules

•Use of the climbing wall is at your own risk. •Swimmers under twelve (12) years of age are required to pass the swim test prior to using the climbing wall. •Non-swimmers are prohibited from using the climbing wall. •Members and their guests wearing personal flotation devices are not allowed on climbing wall, or in the deep area of the pool. •Members and guests must wait in line on the pool edge outside of the water. •Only two (2) people are allowed on the climbing wall at a time. •Climbing on the back or sides of the climbing wall is strictly prohibited. •Hanging from the top glass of the board is strictly prohibited. •Climber is not allowed on the climbing wall until the prior person has exited the water to the side of the pool. •Climbers must start climbing from the water, not the side of the pool deck. •Climbers get one attempt to climb. Once the climber falls, they must exit the water on the ladder on the side of the wall they used and go to the end of the line. •Pushing, pulling, shoving, or other horseplay is prohibited on or near the climbing wall. •Climbers must drop feet first from the wall. •Flips, twists and diving off from the climbing wall is strictly prohibited. •Members and guests with heart conditions, back problems as well as expecting mothers should not use the climbing wall. •Swimming in the Drop Zone while the climbing wall is in use is strictly prohibited.

•If thunder is heard or lightning seen, all members and guests must vacate the pool area and seek shelter either in a vehicle, under the pool house pavilion, or under the main pavilion. •The pool should remain clear for at least 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard or lightning seen. •Lifeguards will be the final authority on inclement weather, timing, and making the decision as to when or if members can reenter the pool.

Inclement Weather

•Safety breaks will be conducted during the last 10 minutes of every hour. •This 10-minute break is designed for younger swimmers to take a break, have snacks and drinks, use the restroom, and reapply sunscreen. •During a safety break members and guests under the age of 18 will be asked to exit the pool. •Only members and guests over the age of 18 will be allowed to stay in the pool. •Parents or guardians over the age of eighteen (18) may escort infants into the pool with them at this time, but must be held or kept at arms’ length.

Safety Breaks

•An adult must accompany children under the age of six (6) in the water at all times. That adult must be physically in the water and not sitting on the edge of the pool and the adult’s attention must be on the child at all times. •There is a limit of three (3) children under the age of six (6) per one (1) adult. •Children wearing flotation devices must be within arm’s reach of their parent, legal guardian, or adult guardian at all times while in the water. •Any child 11 years old or younger who cannot continuously swim one length of the lap lane must have a parent or guardian in the water with them, no more than 10 feet, away at all times. •Swim Testing Requirement oChildren 11 years old or younger that comes to the pool will be required to take a swim test. oTest requirement is swimming one length of the pool without stopping, touching the floor, or grabbing the wall. oUpon successful completion of the swim test, the child will receive a high five, a colored wristband for the day, and will have their name written down in our swim log binder so when they come back, they will not have to retake the test. oFor any child who fails the test or refuses to take the test, a parent or guardian must be in the water with them, no more than 10 feet away, at all times. This means the parent or guardian must be physically in the pool and actively supervising the child at all times either within arm’s reach or no further than 10 feet depending on the child’s age. The parent or guardian may not sit on the side of the pool or have their focus on anything besides their child.

Child Safety Policies

•To see rental policies and procedures for pool rentals, please see the Policies and Procedures for Rentals at Forest Oaks. •Parties with groups less than 40: oparties can be held during normal pool hours of operation or rent the space for a private event. oall individuals (swimmers, non-swimmers, parents, members, guests) are included in the total number of guests for an event. othere are two spaces available for use for parties. The group can choose between the two spaces. owe will not approve two parties at the same time. •Parties for groups 40+ are: orequired to do a private pool rental and cannot use the space during normal hours of operation. •All Child Safety Policy are enforced during all private parties.

Pool Rentals for Private Parties

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