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Forest Oaks Tennis

The Forest Oaks Swim & Racquet Club tennis courts are included in membership to the club, for either full or tennis only members. The club includes 8 lighted tennis courts and are open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., seven days per week.


Forest Oaks Swim & Racquet Club is host to several men's and women's tennis leagues through Spring, Summer and Fall. The club is also home to Rivera Tennis Academy which is run by Alfredo Rivera and his team of amazing tennis pros. Please see the "tennis pro" section of the website for more information about his programs.

Tennis Court Construction Project

Forest Oaks Tennis Courts 1 - 4 will be under construction starting in mid-February through mid-June 2024. This project will significantly impact court usage and availability. Please click on the button to learn more about the construction project.

Last Updated: 6/11 @ 4:00 p.m.

Last Updated: 6/11 @ 4:00 p.m.

Last Updated: 6/11 @ 4:00 p.m.

Tennis Court Usage Policies During Construction

The following policies have been created for the time period impacted by the Forest Oaks Tennis Court Construction Project. Updates about the tennis court construction project can be found on our District website under District Projects. Updates about tennis court policies and to view updated court availability can be found on the District website under Parks and Recreation / Tennis Courts.

Forest Oaks Admin is working closely with the Rivera Tennis Academy, recognized Forest Oaks tennis team captains, and the Tennis Committee to be as transparent about this construction project as possible. We hope to be as efficient in court usage as possible throughout this construction project. All of the policies have been reviewed and agreed upon by representatives from these groups.


Our overall philosophies behind these policies are as follows:

  1. Efficiently schedule court usage for formal reservations to maximize the availability of at least one court for open recreation as often as possible during peak court usage (Monday through Friday from 5 – 9 p.m.). During construction there is not a guarantee that a court will be available for open recreation use during all peak times.

  2. Effectively develop a workable process for formal reservations from Rivera Tennis Academy and approved recognized Forest Oaks tennis teams and create an effective way of communicating court usage and availability to all members.

  3. Reset expectations related to efficient court usage by Rivera Tennis Academy and tennis leagues during formal court reservations.

  4. Understanding that this is a temporary situation that will impact our court usage during the court construction project.

All policies outlined in the Forest Oaks Swim and Racquet Club General User Policies and Procedures are still in effect with the following modifications/clarifications:


Court Cleaning

  • Courts will be blown clear between 7:30 – 8 a.m. and 2 – 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7:30 – 8 a.m. on weekends.

  • Any court cleaning after 2:30 p.m. will not be performed by Forest Oaks staff but by Rivera Tennis if they choose.

Formal Reservations

  • Formal reservations are only allowed from Rivera Tennis Academy or from an approved, recognized Forest Oaks tennis team.

  • Reservations by members for open recreation is not allowed and will not be accepted.

  • Rivera Tennis Academy formal programs include:

    • camps,

    • clinics,

    • training programs,

    • member programs

    • individual or group lessons,

    • private or open group lessons,

    • structured or organized, and

    • paid or unpaid services.

  • Forest Oaks approved, recognized tennis teams include:

    • Ladies

    • Ladies USTA

    • Jackrabbits A

    • Jackrabbits B

    • Men’s A

    • Men’s C

  • All court reservations should be submitted to Forest Oaks Office Manager through email or in-person by the following deadlines:

    • Special event tournaments – one month prior to requested date(s)

    • Programming – one week prior to requested date(s)

    • Tennis leagues – as soon as league schedule is released

    • Rainouts/make-ups – all requests for rainouts or make-ups will be handled on a case-by-case basis and will only be approved if open rec court availability is not impacted.


Court Usage Schedules

  • Peak time for court usage

    • Peak time is considered to be 5 – 9 p.m. Monday through Friday.

    • Non-peak time is considered any day and time outside of peak time.

  • Posted court usage and availability

    • All approved reservations for courts will be posted on the District website under Parks and Recreation / Tennis Open recreation / walk-up tennis courts are not guaranteed every hour of every day during construction.

    • All efforts will be made to provide an open court as often as possible but there is no guarantee a court will be available when desired.

    • Courts and posted in the display case near the tennis shed.

      • Formal reservations are only allowed from Rivera Tennis Academy and Forest Oaks league teams.

      • Reservations for members for open recreation is not allowed.

  • Open Recreation / Walk-up Tennis

    • If all courts are scheduled for approved formal reservations, then no open recreation courts are available for members/guests until a reservation is completed.

    • Members should NOT call the Forest Oaks admin office to ask about availability of a court as we will not have that information readily available with in-person sign-ups


Open Rec / Walk-Up Court Usage Sign-in Board

  • Open Rec / Walk-Up Sign-up Boards

    • Two dry-erase boards will be located near the entrances to Courts 5-6 and Courts 7-8 with the daily schedule of courts.

    • If a court is not scheduled for a formal reservation and is listed as open, that court MAY be used by Rivera Tennis or tennis leagues until an open rec/walk-up player(s) want to use the court. Please ask the Rivera Staff member or the team captain for access to the court at the soonest available opportunity.

  • How to sign-up for open recreation / walk-up tennis

    • All times are first come, first serve and no reservations will be allowed through Forest Oaks or calling ahead to reserve a court.

    • All open rec users must sign-up on the board for court access.

    • This schedule will be updated daily outlining all court usage and availability. Dry erase markers will be attached to the boards. Open Rec / Walk-Up players may sign up for an available court if one is open.

      • Formal reservations will be listed in blue for Rivera Tennis Academy and red for Forest Oaks tennis teams on the dry erase boards.

      • Open Rec / Walk-up players will use black to sign-up.

      • All times are listed in 30-minute blocks and all court usage will be timed in 30-minute blocks, not by the exact minute.

      • If a court is being used and the member/group did not sign in on the board they must leave the court immediately and allow the appropriate member/group to have access.

  • Time Limits for Open Rec / Walk-up Tennis

    • All open rec users are limited to:

      • One court per singles/doubles/pickleball/group match.

      • One court per member household regardless of the number of individuals present.

      • 60-minute max time limit regardless of singles/doubles/pickleball.

    • If other open recreation players are present, individuals or groups cannot sign-up for court back-to-back hours without allowing others access to the courts. Examples of this:

      • Player A cannot sign-up for two 30-minute blocks and Player B sign-up for two 30-minute blocks.

      • Group A cannot sign-up for two 30-minute blocks and Group B sign-up for two 30-minute blocks.

      • Players cannot sign up for singles for two 30-minute blocks and doubles for two 30-minute blocks.

    • Once your 60-minute max time has been reached, regardless of the status of any current game being played, you must vacate the court for the next group.

    • Any delay of exiting the court on time can result in membership access suspension.


Reporting Court Usage Related Issues

  • Patrons can email to submit issues about court availability, member conduct, or any other issue.

  • Forest Oaks staff are available Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.. Rivera Tennis Academy staff are available when present on the courts in the evenings and weekends.

  • Any reasonable instructions or requests given by Forest Oaks staff (including managers, lifeguards, maintenance staff, or security officers) or Rivera Tennis Academy should be complied with without argument.

  • Rivera Tennis Academy staff have the authority to enforce any and all policies for Forest Oaks Swim and Racquet Club at any time.

General Tennis Court Policies

Policies in RED have been adjusted or altered during construction period, so please see the policy above.

  • Courts are first come, first serve for usage.

  • Tennis leagues and Rivera Tennis Academy programs and trainings are the only court reservations allowed. Those reservations can be viewed on the large display board between courts.

  • Up to two (2) paid guests may accompany a single member of the club.

  • The club member must be present with and are responsible for their guest(s) at all times.

  • Members are not allowed to share their membership card with others.

  • Facility gates may not be propped open.

  • Must wear appropriate clothing which includes tops, pants, and close-toed,

               non-marking athletic shoes.

  • No more than four (4) people playing on a court at one time.

  • Do not sit on or climb over nets or fences.

  • Time limits for matches are:

    • Singles: 60 minutes

    • Doubles: 90 minutes - CHANGED TO 60 MINUTES

  • Only tennis and pickleball are allowed to be played on tennis courts.​

  • Reservations for open recreation courts are not accepted.

  • All court lights are set on a timer to come on and go off at appropriate times.

  • The following are prohibited on tennis courts: food, glass containers, shoes that leave marks on court surfaces, smoking/vaping, skateboards, roller blades or skates.

  • Tennis Training and Coaching

    • Rivera Tennis Academy is the only authorized party allowed to conduct formal tennis training and coaching at Forest Oaks.

    • Members are not authorized to bring or use unapproved coaches or instructors on the Club tennis courts.

    • Only District Manager approved coaches, instructors and pros are authorized to teach and instruct tennis activities on Club courts.

    • Limited exceptions to training and coaching policy:

      • Forest Oaks will allow a parent, grandparent, or adult sibling to work with a related child, grandchild, sibling or multiple children/grandchildren/siblings individually or in a small group.

      • These “trainings” may not interfere with or intrude upon any Rivera Tennis Academy program, practice, or event.

      • Club staff and Rivera Tennis Academy will approach any group who appears to be conducting a training and will ask for your member access and ID cards to verify family connection.

      • If, in the professional judgement of Club staff or Rivera Tennis Academy, any family training is being conducted in an unsafe, unprofessional, or incorrect manner, the training must be stopped.

  • Make sure to check out all FOSRC Tennis Court policies. For a complete list, find our full policies on the Parks and Rec page.

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