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Regional Drainage Project
WCID110 and Harris County Flood Control

WCID110 hosted a Townhall Meeting on October 26, 2022, to present information concerning a proposed Regional Drainage Project that will be located on the East side of IH-45, south of Cypresswood Drive and north of FM1960. Attending and speaking at the meeting were State Representative Valoree Swanson, House District 150, Commissioner Tom Ramsey, Harris County Precinct 3, Jonathan St. Romain with the Harris County Flood Control District, John Davis, Langford Engineering, Inc., and Vanessa Sommer and Tom Dowdy, Directors with WCID 110.


The proposed site for the regional drainage project is undeveloped and owned by the Harris County Flood Control District (“Flood Control”) and Harris County. It is an ideal location to construct regional drainage facilities to mitigate flooding along Cypress Creek on the East and West sides of IH-45. This presents an excellent opportunity for immediate action to mitigate flooding in this area.


 Flood Control has indicated a willingness to commit $6,000,000 to this Regional Drainage Project. A pledge of $6,000,000 from Flood Control will require $6,000,000 in matching funds from other benefitted entities, thereby establishing funding of $12,000,000 for this Regional Drainage Project. WCID 110 has committed to this Regional Drainage Project by committing $500,000 in matching funds, with Flood Control committing $500,000, which $1,000,000 will pay for Phase I of the Regional Drainage Project, which is preparation of the preliminary engineering report to be performed by Flood Control for this Regional Drainage Project. The remaining funds of $11,000,000 ($5,500,000 from Flood Control and $5,500,000 in local matching funds) will be used for Phase II of the Regional Drainage Project, which will be the initial construction of the Regional Drainage Project. WCID 110 is in the process of exploring options to obtain the $5,500,000 in matching funds. Options include federal, state, and local assistance. No new taxing entity or additional layer of government will be created to fund the Regional Drainage Project.

For any local MUD's/PUD's interested in learning more of are interested in partnering with WCID110, please contact Brian Mills, District Manager for WCID110, through email at


The presentation is available to view by clicking on the image to the above.

Regional Drainage Project Townhall Meeting: 10/26/22

WCID110 hosted a townhall meeting on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 for local utility districts, elected officials, residents, and potential stakeholders about this project.

WCID110 Board Members, Jonathon St. Romain from Harris County Flood Control, John Davis from Langford Engineering, Inc., and State Representative Valoree Swanson and Precinct 3 Commissioner Tom Ramsey all spoke about the need for additional flood control measures in our area.

Proposed Stormwater Detention Basins Locations along Cypress Creek - HCFC

Jonathon St. Romain, HCFC, shared the strategic plan for future detention basins along Cypress Creek. The location of these basins is based on multiple studies conducted on the Cypress Creek Watershed.

Michael Baker Study

  • Initially was an update to 2003 Tributaries Master Plan

  • Determined > 25,000 ac-ft stormwater detention needed in the Cypress Creek Watershed

Cypress Creek Implementation Plan

  • Looked at 46 detention basin sites

  • Initial prioritization

  • 22 recommended basins include all 9 basin sites from the Michael Baker study.

Cypress Creek Detention Basin Map 11.7.22 13.jpg

To view a larger PDF version, click on the image to the above.


Regional Detention Basins

All land needed for the proposed regional drainage project have been purchased by Harris County Flood Control. WCID110 has entered into an interlocal agreement with HCFC to begin Phase 1 of the project, the preliminary engineering report. This cost is split 50/50 with HCFC will take roughly one year to complete. 

Once the preliminary report is completed, next steps will be established based on the data and funding available for the project.

To view a larger PDF version, click on the image to the above.

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