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WCID110 Hazard Mitigation Plan 2023

What is Hazard Mitigation?
  • Hazard mitigation lessens the impact of natural hazards by taking action before the next event.

What is a Hazard Mitigation Plan?
  • Hazard mitigation plans raise awareness of hazards, risks, and local vulnerabilities. They also identify ways to reduce risk and focus local resources on the greatest risks.

What is the benefit of a Hazard Mitigation Plan?
  • It is an investment in the future safety and sustainability of the area. Planning helps communities act now, before a disaster occurs, to reduce losses. They are also a prerequisite for many FEMA grants.

Goal of the plan:
  • The goal of the plan is to identify projects that can reduce damages from future hazards. The plan will include a risk assessment and hazard mitigation strategy for each of the primary hazards of concern for the District.

How can you help?
  1. Take the public survey. (click on the link to open the survey or copy and paste this into a new web browser address bar:

  2. Attend the public hearing and provide input. The public hearing is scheduled for Thursday, October 19 at 9 a.m. in the Forest Oaks Clubhouse in the Board Room and Rental Room.

  3. Review the plan.

Mitigation Planning Fact Sheet
Download PDF • 249KB


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