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Don't miss out on wooden Easter Egg Decorations - Sponsored by Mister Carwash!!!


  • Complete online registration form:

  • Come to Forest Oaks Admin Office and pay and pick-up egg(s) between Feb. 12 and march 13.

  • Eggs must be submitted in Office by Monday, March 18.


  • $10 per egg

  • No limit on the number of eggs a person or household can purchase.

  • Get one for everyone in your family and make night of it!

Decorating Guidelines

  • Any eggs that have electronic components (lights) should be battery powered. No electric outlets will be available.

  • All eggs will be displayed using zip ties. We will drill a hole through the top part of the egg and we will do everything to make sure we do not damage your design.

  • Other than that, be as creative as you can be and have fun with it!!!

Voting and Winners

  • Voting will be available online through District website and Social Media Accounts between March 19 and March 25.

  • Winners will announced on Tuesday, March 26 and receive prizes from District businesses and WCID110.

  • The top four vote-getters will receive a free Titanium Exterior carwash pass from Mister Carwash. This is a brand new Titanium wash that provides 360 degree protection and a mirror-like finish that lasts. It includes all of Mister Carwash's signature products like HotShine Carnauba Wax and Tire Shine for the ultimate car wash experience.


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