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Easter Egg Hunt and Springfest Photos on our Facebook Page

For those who are looking for photos from the Easter Egg Hunt and Springfest event, check out our Facebook page by searching @WCID110Recreation (and go ahead and follow us).

We do want to send an enormous THANK YOU to the Klein Oak National Honor Society for their willingness to volunteer for the event and make it that much more special for everyone.

Also a thank you to Jenna Knight Photography for being there and providing us with some amazing photos of our community.

To Texas Snakes and More for coming out with their snake friends...while it isn't for me personally, I did enjoy seeing everyone have fun playing with the snakes...from a distance.

And to our super friendly mascot Forest Fox and his new best friend E. Bunny for making the rounds and sharing in the wonderful day..thank you for fitting us into your very busy schedules!!!


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