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Last Reminder - E-Waste and Paper Shredding at WCID110 Maintenance Building this Saturday, April 13 from 10a-12p - FREE!!!!

Reminder that we will have our e-waste and paper shredding event this Saturday, April 13 from 10a-12p at the WCID110 Maintenance Building, located at 627 Cypress Oaks Dr. This is the building next to the Forest Oaks Park parking lot. There will be signage along Joanleigh Dr. and Cypress Oaks to get you to the correct location.

For e-waste, just pull through the front parking lot but do not park. For paper shredding, pull into the side lot, park, and carry your items to the shredder.

If you are a resident with mobility issues or are elderly and have some items you would like to recycle, please email the office at with your name, address, and list of items you have and we will contact you to schedule a pick up. There is a limit to what we can pick-up, but send us the info and we will see what we can do. If you are not someone who has mobility issues or are elderly, we will not provide a pick-up service.


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