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Forest Playground Replacement Project - Closure and Project Timeline!

We are VERY EXCITED to announce that we have a TENTATIVE timeline for the Forest Oaks Playground replacement project and, weather permitting, it should be a quick turnaround from start to finish.

Again, all information being provided is tentative as the weather will have an impact and could cause delays if we get enough rain to impact the construction of the new site, so make sure to stay up-to-date with the project by checking out the District Projects page on the District website and follow us on Facebook @wcid110recreation. The District Projects page has a dedicated landing page specifically for this project where we will be sharing information as often as we can about the project. We will post photos of the progress on social media. You can check out the new equipment on the project landing page now!

Scope of the Project

The project will include the following:

  • Demo and removal of all current equipment and rubberized safety decking.

  • Redesign of playground footprint which will be entirely covered in rubberized safety decking.

  • New 2-5 year old unit with 10 play activities and one large shade structure.

  • New 5-12 year old unit with 26 play activities including 7 slides and three shade structures.

  • New four-bay swing set with four (4) new belt swings, two (2) ADA swings, and two (2) toddler buckets.

  • Repurposing of the log structure.

  • Relocation of current 2-5 year old unit to a different park location.

  • Improved drainage around playground area.

Project Schedule (TENTATIVE)

  • Wednesday, February 7: Playground closure and demo of current playground equipment and safety decking. Safety fencing will be installed around the site, so please stay out of the area.

  • Monday, February 19: Site prep, delivery, install new French drain system, and install of new equipment. There will be large vehicles, semi-trucks, and new dumpsters in the playground area. Please STAY VERY ALERT WHILE IN THE PARK and remember that pedestrians should yield right of way to any vehicle.

  • Wednesday, February 28: Install of new concrete curb, crushed stone sub base, and new pour-in-place rubberized safety decking. Needs multiple days to cure properly.

  • Friday, March 8: Soft opening of playground pending final inspection and approval.

  • Grand reopening of playground: Saturday, March 23 during Easter Egg Hunt event at beginning of the event.


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