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Recycling Survey Respondent Winners and Additional Recycling Information

Thank you to everyone who completed the recycling survey and we hope to continue to make improvements to our efforts over the coming months!

All of the winners below can come to the Forest Oaks Admin Office during normal business hours (Monday-Friday from 9a-6p) to pick up their prizes. The wheeled recycling bins should fit in most vehicles, but if it won't we can help with that.

Recycling Survey Respondent Winners

  • $100 gift card: Cindy Chan

  • $50 gift card:

    • Alicia Vargo

    • John Zak

    • Linda Hargrave

    • Rebecca Mehok

    • Tavia McBride

  • 50-gallon wheeled recycling bin:

    • Teresa Brady

    • Laura Cruz

    • Rachel Mulloy

    • Julie Harris

    • David Kelly

Information about trash and recycling is available on the District website and we have added some additional resources for recycling if you keep scrolling down on the webpage.

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