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School Supply Drive at Forest Oaks from July 17 - August 4

School is right around the corner (sorry to burst any summer bubbles).

Forest Oaks will be collecting school supply donations from Monday, July 17 through Friday, August 4 for Lemm and McNabb Elementary Schools. Donation boxes will be located in two places:

  • the foyer of the Forest Oaks Clubhouse and you can drop off items between Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

  • Rivera Tennis Academy during any Rivera practices, camps, or events near their shed.

Any items are appreciated, so when you are out and about and feel so inclined, grab a couple extra notebooks, packs of pencils or crayons, a reem of paper, scissors, glue, whatever!!!

If you want to look at specific needs for Klein or Spring ISD, here are links:

If you want, you can also look at the school PTO pages for teacher wish lists. Not every teacher has one, but many do and have filled their wish lists with items that will help all of their students. Again, any support for our teachers is much appreciated! For Lemm teachers, if you go to the PTO page, there is a link for teacher with their favorite the bottom of their favorite things page, there are links to Amazon wishlists.


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