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Update to MOC Online Customer Portal - 5/9 at 9 a.m.

Update on electronic payment options for MOC, 9 a.m. on 5/9/23

MOC sent letters this past Friday to all customers about the online customer portal and that letter will have your new account number and a security code for setting up your online account.

If you haven't received that letter or want to do it now, you can email or call 281-367-5511 and speak to a customer service rep and they will verify your address and provide you the security code.

So quick reference steps for accessing your online customer portal:

  1. Have your new account number and security code from MOC which was mailed out last Friday.

    1. If you have not received that letter, you can call MOC at 281-367-5511 or email them at and provide your address and they will provide your account number and security code.

  2. Use this link to access the customer portal:

  3. Set up your billing information and preferences.


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