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Updates on I-45 Cypress Creek Cleanout - 4/13/23

While we all enjoy the new feeder bridge being open, it is important to also remember this project included a significant clean out of debris and sediment build-up underneath the bridge. The District has been making significant progress with TXDoT on the cleanout underneath I-45.

Board Directors Vanessa Sommer and James Williams, along with our district attorneys and engineers, met with TXDoT on March 30 to discuss the progress of the cleanout. Since that meeting, there has been even more progress than we could have anticipated. While this is a great step forward, there is still work to be done and other projects the district is working on to continue to mitigate flooding in our community.

Photos of the progress are being added to our website under Flood Mitigation - I-45 Bridge Clean Out if you would like to check them out or you can checkout the attached PDF showing the work being done for the District!

Download PDF • 15.43MB


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