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Submitting Power Outage Complaints to CenterPoint

This is quick reminder on how to submit POWER OUTAGE COMPLAINT with CenterPoint Energy. WCID110 has NO CONTROL OR INFLUENCE in reducing the number of outages our District goes through, but we do want to help by providing this information.

You can call CenterPoint at 713-207-2222 and speak to a customer service rep and tell them you want to file a POWER OUTAGE COMPLAINT, not report an outage. The more complaints that are filed, the better chance residents have of the issues being addressed. The customer service rep should assist you in completing a report over the phone or provide you with the link to file a complaint online.

This link is from the City of Houston and explains how to register a complaint beyond CenterPoint.

The District does recognize and understand that the power outages are a significant concern and something that needs to be addressed, but power distribution is outside of the scope of the District's responsibilities or control. Board Members will continue to do what they can to address the issues, but there is a limit to what they can do. We encourage residents to call CenterPoint and file these complaints and to let your neighbors know as well.

Anytime you have an outage, please call CenterPoint and report it. CenterPoint tracks all outages and can provide data on the number of outages ta your residence if you wanted to ask for that information as well.


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