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Tennis Courts 1-4 Construction Update - 3/4/24

We are about 7-10 days away from the start of the tennis court construction project and I will be sending out a much more detailed post when I have some information and maps finalized, but for now, here is a quick update:

  1. We are anticipating the contractor being onsite the week of March 11, weather permitting.

  2. We will begin to remove light poles on courts 1-4 on Friday, March 8 starting early in the morning.

  3. We will leave courts 1-4 open for use once the poles are down until the last second before we take down nets, benches, awnings, etc.

  4. We have asked the contractor about a change in the project and no longer lining courts 1 and 2 with pickleball lines AND INSTEAD lining courts 7 and 8 as those courts are completely fenced off and separate from all other tennis courts, so hoping to minimize the overlap of the two sports. This idea was brought up by Rivera Tennis Academy and the Tennis Committee members support the potential change.

You can stay up-to-date on the tennis construction project by checking out the District website under District Projects / Tennis Court Construction. I am trying to update it as frequently as I can with information and photos.

As a reminder, this project will be completely demoing the current four courts, rebuilding them from the substructure up, replacing current courts with a concrete post-tension system, new tennis court systems, new fencing, new windscreen, and new MUSCO lights. This project will impact parking in the lower tennis court parking lot as well as the gate access points from the lower parking lot. All members and guests will have to enter the facility from the main facility gate near the fitness center until construction is complete.

Courts 5-8 will continue to be available BUT we are scheduling court usage on a daily basis between Rivera Tennis Academy, recognized Forest Oaks tennis leagues, and open recreation players. Those daily and weekly court schedules can be viewed on the District website under Parks and Recreation / Tennis Courts page. There are three buttons near the top of the page which will allow you look at PDF schedules for the current week, next week, and two weeks out. With half of our courts being down, there is NOT a guarantee of access to courts on all days at all times, so you need to check out the interim policies and processes for tennis court access. These policies have been created by Forest Oaks admin staff and in conjunction with Rivera Tennis Academy, the tennis committee members, and captains/reps of recognized Forest Oaks tennis teams. These are TEMPORARY policies while we are in construction and we will be back to normal after it is complete.

Again, more details will be posted soon.


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